Including our staff during the assessment process and the transition process helps keep your move smooth and hassle free. Communication is key to ensuring efficiencies are met.  We communicate with you regarding the process and work with your primary care team, preferred pharmacies and outside providers to aide in keeping efficiency up. 

Online charting, integration with our pharmacy regarding your medications, training and experience also assist in keeping things running smoothly at Faith Assisted Living Communities.


Each community may have services specific to that community, as determined by the care needs of the residents. 

In every instance, we will work with you to provide the best care possible. Sometimes that may mean utilizing outside care or service providers.  In this instance we have a large database of providers for which we can supply you information.   Our goal is to provide you options for your choosing that may best fit your needs or the needs of your loved ones. 


Faith Assisted Living Communities uses extensive assessments to ensure all pertinent information is obtained in order to provide the best individualized care.  

We will go and assess the potential resident on site.  Assessments are thorough with questions asked of sources such as primary care team and family members.  We went to ensure all the needs of the resident can be met in our communities.  

Emergency admissions may be available.  



Providing excellence in care and quality of life using FAITH values:

Family=Residents as well as staff become            our extended family.

Altruistic=Encourage staff to live a life of              devotion to & concern of others.

Inspire=Inspire our residents through                   prayer & emotional support

Therapictures=Pictures that encourage             storytelling & living in that moment.

Home=Residents made to feel that this is             their home.


Care transitions can be difficult to coordinate.  We try to take those difficulties out the picture.  Using systems and speaking directly with primary care teams, we can assist with making your transition hassle and worry free.

We also provide respite care services.  Sometimes this can make a long term solution more palatable to all those involved and its a great time to 'test drive' the community.


Faith Assisted Living Communities offers an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) specific to you.   We then train and brief our staff as to your preferences, ensure they review your indiviudalized service plan and update them on schedule preferences prior to assisting you.   We do our best to personalize care to you and your preferences within all reasonable accomodations..